When maintaining or seeking fitness options, variation is key to longer term enjoyment.

With Boxing training for fitness I help many with Confidence, Stress relief, Weight loss, Anxiety management, increased Bone density, Toning and dare I say, Self defence.


I apply all the benefits that boxing brings with suitable workouts for core stability, strength, conditioning and co-ordination, in addition to the obvious cardiovascular activity. Both indoors or outdoors.

Whether you're looking to improve fitness, health and well being, training for an event or planning a corporate team building day, get in touch to discuss and book a training package that works for you. 


Giving you some 'Me time' to focus on your objectives. Whether it's getting toned, learning the noble art or just letting rip on the pads or bags for some well earned stress relief, one to one training is personal to enjoy the format you choose.

My extensive experience will develop your technique, performance and overall fitness ...My delivery will ensure you have great Fun with fresh challenges and progressions for both the body and mind in learning something new.


Whatever you choose, it's time for You...either One or half an hour slots available!


These shared sessions are a great way in 'getting fit without getting hit' while enjoyed with a friend, family member, spouse or partner. It's fun, challenging (competitive?!) and equally a great bonding time that's different from typical hobbies and pastimes.

It's also cost effective while still getting that Personal training focus.

Either One or half an hour slots available.


Individualised boxing training workouts in a group setting. Organise your own groups as a one-off or regular activity to enjoy with friends, family, work colleagues or team mates from another sport.

I'm an advocate of mixing both team and solo interests in business or sport, for performance or pleasure and often host club sessions with Football, Rugby, Cricket & other sports teams in bringing something different to their training regime. 

Likewise, at either your workplace or if hosting a corporate day at our excellent boxing facility, is there a better way of team building than having the CEO hold pads for the apprentice?!

One hour, half day or full day bookings are available.

'Getting you Fit without getting Hit'

Weight loss - Cardio fitness - Muscle tone - Core strength - Corporate fitness - Personal training - Group training - Indoor - Outdoor - Team building

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